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I'm Daniela Volpi, I'm 47 and I live in Bergamo, Italy.
I transformed my passion for art, learned from an early age in my uncle's studio, from a hobby to a dedicated activity only recently.
The path of my life led me to graduate in pedagogy and to find a job in the field of children education, constantly maintaining contact with self-taught painting and attending specialization courses at the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo

It is said that art does not produce what is visible, but makes visible what is not always visible.
Wide and generous brushstrokes, apparently random, are the background to bodies and faces that emerge from the canvas almost to come to life.
This is what fascinates me and excites me to portray.
This is my perennial research, what leads me to investigate and dissect facets of beauty that especially emphasize sensuality.
Sensuality which for me is elegance, intensity and passion.
Each of my works is the result, never planned, of the continuous interaction between what I feel inside and what is revealed on the canvas. In a continuous dialogue, which makes an emotion grow and evolve, giving it shape and color.